(Français) Salut à tous !

C’est le premier article de mon tout nouveau blog et je me sens un peu nerveuse car je n’ai aucune idée de ce que je devrais dire pour vous captiver.
Je m’appelle Louise, j’ai dix-huit ans et en Octobre je commencerais à étudier la langue anglaise à l’université de Lancaster mais j’adorerais étudier la linguistique aussi.


Une des choses que vous devriez vraiment savoir avant de suivre mes aventures est ma nationalité. Je suis Française donc malheureusement vous allez probablement fondre face à mes erreurs basiques, surtout si l’anglais est votre langue maternelle. Mais croyez moi, je fais de mon mieux. Et si vous pensez qu’une de mes erreurs est impardonnable, commentez et corrigez moi, vous serez soulagé et je progresserai !
Ce blog sera en gros consacré à ma nouvelle vie en Grande Bretagne, à la vie étudiante en Angleterre, aux choses à faire à Lancaster, au Royaume-Uni post apocaly… Je veux dire post Brexit (même s’il n’est pas encore effectif). J’écrirais en anglais et en français pour aider mes camarades apprenant les langues étrangères.
Si vous lisez encore, bienvenue dans mon univers, attachez vos ceintures et soyez prêts à plonger dans mes blagues vaseuses, mon anglais pauvre grammaticalement et une propagande Bretonne intense !


(English) Major changes

Hi everyone,  I’m going to keep it short but this blog will know some drastic changes. As some of my friends and course mates suggested me, I’m going to post a French translation of all my articles. I’m not a professional interpreter so I’m not really a reference in this field but I’m gonna try my best to help my fellow foreign language learners. I’m in Lancaster right now and everything is fine, I will post an article about the culture shock in a few weeks and the French versions of my previous articles should arrive this week.

If you have any enquiry or topic you’d like me to write about don’t hesitate to comment down below !

(English) Anti homesickness playlist

As you may already know, I will move in England and leave behind me my friends, family, habits, culture and dog. Therefore, I’m very likely to suffer from homesickness but I won’t be able to take the first train to home. That’s why I have prepared a playlist, in order to get through tough times without sobbing uncontrollably during hours, begging for a baguette or selling my soul to Satan for a crêpe. This playlist contains thirteen songs, all in French or by French people but it definitely isn’t a gathering of the finest songs you can find in this language. I have selected them because they all mean something special to me.


Matmatah – Les moutons

As this band was created in my hometown, including them in my anti homesickness playlist was absolutely necessary. This song is inspired from traditional Breton music and always cheers me up !

Bigflo & Oli – Nous aussi

One of my favorite songs by these two rappers from Toulouse, I really like appreciate their well thought lyrics.

Indochine – L’Aventurier

A standard of French parties, the kind of song everyone knows by heart without really assuming, maybe because of the non-sense lyrics.

Les Groove Boys – Partenaire Particulier

This is actually a cover and not the original song. It is pretty special because it is performed by instruments used in “bagads”, traditional breton music groups. I really like the sound of these instruments even though a lot of people believe that it’s an “ear torture”.

Casseurs Flowteurs – Fais les backs

Another rap song, even though this is not my favorite one from them, this song always does its job and is less depressing than the others they have made.

Biga*Ranx – My face

I know. This song is not in French. I’m sorry, I’m neglecting all my duties, this is untolerable. But trust me, this artist is French and his reggae is so good (although seeing him live is definitely better).

Emile & images – Les démons de minuit

Another classic French partying song, if you’re invited to some fete you can’t go wrong with this one. Except if your intention is not hearing drunk french people howling the lyrics.

France Gall – Résiste

A work of art. And the title means “resist” which is actually what I will have to do to beat homesickness. Nothing else to say, just appreciate this masterpiece.

La Secte Phonétik – Bienvenue dans la secte

This one is by far less popular than the previous ones but this is truly a little well-written gem.

Petit Biscuit – Sunset Lover

I’m pretty sure than most of you have already heard this one, maybe on the radio or at the supermarket. Just as Kungs’ hit “This girl”, French electronic music tends to be exported beyond the borders. I really enjoy the nostalgic vibe of this song but there’s also a hint of hope !

Stupeflip – Stupeflip Vite !

Everyone who has ever had the privilege (or misfortune) of meeting me knows that I’m a huge Stupeflip fan. My favorite one from them is Gaëlle but I think that this song is more adapted to this context because it makes me want to scream the lyrics at the top of my lungs and this is actually a perfect way to deal with sadness.

Michel Berger – Le Paradis Blanc

Another masterpiece, Michel Berger is actually the one who wrote “Résiste”. This one reminds me of my childhood because my father used to put this in the car when we went for strolls.

Matmatah – Lambe An Dro

And last but not least, another Matmatah song ! Is there anything better than a song about a district of my hometown performed by a local bad to beat homesickness ? I don’t think so.

And you ? Do you have any songs to listen to when you feel sad ? Let me know in the comments !

(English) Hello everyone !

This is the first article of my brand new blog and I’m feeling kind of nervous because I have no idea of what I should say to keep you interested.

My name is Louise, I’m eighteen years old and in October I will start studying in the United Kingdom, More precisely, I will major in English Language at Lancaster University but I would love to study linguistics as well.


One of the things that you should definitely know before following my adventures is my nationality. I’m French so unfortunately you will probably melt in front of my basic errors, especially if you are a native English speaker. But trust me, I’m doing my best. And if you believe that one of my mistakes is unforgivable, just comment down below and correct me, you will be relieved and I will progress !

This blog will basically be about my new life in Great Britain, how student life is in England, what to do in Lancaster, how is the UK post apocaly… I mean post Brexit (even though the Brexit is not effective yet). I will write in English and French to help my fellow foreign languages learners.

If you’re still reading, welcome to my universe, fasten your seat belt and get ready to dive into bad puns, grammatically poor English and intense Breton culture propaganda !