(English) From 2017 to 2018

Hi everyone,

First of all, I would like to wish you all a happy new year 2018, may all your dreams come true!

I know that it is a little bit too late for that but I would like to come back to my experience of 2017.

Like a lot of people, I feel like last year has been rather chaotic. We live in a very unstable world and even though I try not to think about it, I often feel overwhelmed by everything happening around me. I don’t know if you can relate to this but even though I would love to make a change in the world I feel completely powerless. I try to reduce my impact on the environment by recycling, saving water and energy, being vegetarian, buying second handed clothes but I know that stopping the faucet while I brush my teeth or switching off the light when I leave the bathroom won’t stop the global warming.

Anyway, I saw plenty of negative posts on every social media I use so I would like to sum up the positive things that happened to me in 2017 to break with the morose mood.

First of all, I graduated from college (or high school or sixth form, depending on how you call it) with higher marks than expected. I was, of course, very pleased to discover my marks but I think that what made me the happiest was my mother’s pride. I know that it might sound dumb but just hearing my mother saying that she was (and is) proud of me made me so jubilant, as if nothing else mattered.

Then, my friends and I went on holidays not far from our hometown. We went camping in one of my friends’ garden next to the sea and even though it was not the most exotic nor “Tumblr” kind of holidays I felt so glad to share this moment with my friends, I think that it brought us closer.

Later in the summer, I launched my blog. Even though I am not as regular as I would like to be I think that this is clearly helping me with my writing skills.

Just before I left for Lancaster my friends threw a surprise party for both my birthday and my departure. I didn’t expect it and I keep such a good memory of this moment, I still think about it everytime I read the birthday card they wrote for me.

Then, I think that the most important event of my 2017 was moving in the UK. I never felt happier in my whole life, even though I went through a lot of ups and downs I never regretted this decision. I love my course, I have amazing friends and every day is an adventure. I think that I grew up as an individual and I am finally on my way to becoming an “adult”. I genuinely love my life there, for the first time I somehow feel “at home”. I also used my new life as a springboard to change my habits and I became a vegetarian. I am very satisfied with this new lifestyle and I couldn’t be happier, I feel healthier, more energized and less “guilty” about my consumption.

Finally, my return to France for the Christmas holidays gave me a great occasion to take a break and see my friends. As soon as I saw them it felt like I have never left, even though they went through changes in their personal lives our relationships remained the same as three months ago. Coming back to France made me even more excited to come back to Lancaster and I cannot wait to go on numerous adventures in 2018!

To finish, I would like to talk about my “resolutions” for this new year. I don’t like this concept because I think that we don’t have to wait for a new year to make changes in our lives, I think that we can transition and shift throughout our life regardless of the date. However, in 2018, I would like to go out less to save money to travel in the UK. So far, I have “only” seen the Lake District and Lancaster and I would like to go to other cities such as Glasgow, Edinburgh, London or Manchester. I think that studying abroad gives you an amazing opportunity to learn, travel and discover so I am going to do my best not to waste it. Also, I would like to be more serious about my work and procrastinate less but I say the same thing every year so this is definitely gonna need some effort.

Thank you very much for reading, do not hesitate to leave a comment to tell me which changes you would like to see on this blog in 2018, your opinion matters to me!


(Français) Mais qu’est ce que tu manges ?

Salut à tous !

Quand j’ai dit à ma grand-mère que je déménageais en Angleterre, elle a eu une réaction très française. Elle m’a demandée, visiblement très inquiète : “mais… qu’est ce que tu vas manger ?”. J’ai l’impression que pour beaucoup de Français l’Angleterre est le royaume de la nourriture discutable mais pour être honnête, j’ai découvert plusieurs plats que j’adore (et pas seulement le “fish and chips” ou le “full English breakfast”).



Crumpet dans son habitat naturel


Tout d’abord, mes colocataires m’ont fait découvrir les “crumpets”. Je ne vais pas vous mentir, je n’ai aucune idée de comment expliquer ce que c’est. On dirait une sorte de petit pain avec des trous, quelque part entre la brioche et le pancake, c’est assez indescriptible. J’ai remarqué que la chose est souvent toastée puis tartinée de confiture ou de beurre.



S’il y a bien un cliché que nous, Français, avons à propos de nos rivaux d’Outre-Manche, c’est leur prétendue obsession avec le thé. C’est vrai que la plupart de mes colocataires en boivent une tasse (voire deux ou trois) chaque jour et apparemment la coutume c’est d’ajouter du lait. Ils ont aussi toute une armada de petits gâteaux (dont les célèbres “digestives”) qu’ils consomment avec leur thé à l’occasion. En revanche, je n’ai vu personne en manger régulièrement. Mes préférés sont les “bourbons cream”, des biscuits au chocolat avec un fourage au chocolat… J’en suis fan.



Shortbread : vue d’artiste



Pour rester dans le sucré, il y a le “millionaire’s shortbread”. Mon amour de toujours. Ma vie, mon âme, ma lumière, le gâteau de ma vie. Le shortbread en lui même c’est une sorte de biscuit sablé originaire d’Ecosse mais dans ce cas précis, celui-ci se retrouve recouvert d’une couche de caramel et de chocolat. C’est bien, c’est pas calorique tout ça.



Une autre obsession anglaise moins connue que le thé c’est l’ail. Ils en mettent partout. Pour vous donner un exemple, les pizzas Dominos ont un petit trou dans le carton. Dans ce petit trou est inséré un pot tout rond contenant du “garlic and herbs” dip. Oui vous avez bien lu. Ils trempent la pizza dans une sauce à l’ail et aux herbes. Et vous savez quoi ? C’est délicieux. J’ai l’impression de trahir ma patrie en disant ça mais c’est la vérité, la margherita trempée dans le garlic dip c’est mon péché mignon. De même, il y a le célèbre “garlic bread” ou pain à l’ail, très largement apprécié.

Pour finir, je vais vous parler du “roast dinner”, le bon vieux dîner du dimanche. Mes colocataires en ont cuisiné un il y a plusieurs semaines et le moins qu’on puisse dire c’est que c’est copieux ! Il y avait de la purée, des pommes de terre roties, des légumes, de la viande rotie, des “Yorkshire pudding” (des petits soufflés), du “stuffing” (de la farce), le tout arrosé de “gravy” (une sorte de sauce au jus de viande). J’ai vraiment adoré ce repas, non seulement parce que mes colocataires cuisinent vraiment bien mais aussi à cause du côté communautaire qui y est associé. On aurait vraiment dit une famille hétéroclite réunie autour de cette table débordante d’assiettes, casseroles et poêles en tout genre, c’est absolument génial.

Merci beaucoup de m’avoir lue, vous êtes de plus en plus nombreux et ça me fait toujours énormément plaisir de recevoir vos messages ! N’hésitez pas à parler de la nourriture anglaise que vous connaissez dans les commentaires, que vous l’appréciez ou non !

(Merci à wikimedia de fournir ces délicieuses images libres de droit.)


(English) Why did I change my major?​

Hi everyone,

As you may already know, I joined Lancaster University in order to do an English language Ba but I am now doing an Environmental Science BSc. I know, it is a pretty drastic change. In this article, I would like to explain what motivated my choices.

First of all, I have a Scientific French Baccalaureate but I actually had to study nine different subjects, including philosophy, Spanish or history and geography but my main subjects were maths, biology and geology and physics and chemistry. I will write an expanded article about the French educational system later if anyone in the comments is interested but long story short, I had to study a lot of stuff I didn’t really like. I always thought that I sucked at science in general and that I was way better in humanities but I was wrong. I didn’t suck at science, I sucked at maths and physics. I was actually more than decent in biology, geology and chemistry but I always thought that science was not for me.

So I applied for an English language Ba with the hope to become a teacher because I had no idea what else to do with my life and living in England was my childhood dream. But during Freshers Week, a few friends asked me why I was studying English. I answered “because I like it” but I instantly felt like something was wrong. Meanwhile, over the summer, I got very interested in climate change, environmental challenges and issues, I think I sort of regretted my degree choice but acted as if I wasn’t aware. I just took Environmental Science as a minor because my university allows it and decided to go with the flow.

But what has been determining my degree change (except the fact that I enjoyed my minor so much more than my major) was someone I have met. Yes, a meeting with one person was enough to completely change my life. I won’t use her name as I have no idea if she is okay with that but she basically is a visiting researcher at Lancaster University and her research project is trying to heal wounds and cancer thanks to plasma. Impressive right? When I met her I realised that she was everything I ever wanted to be. She had qualities I value as a human and completely deconstructed my clichés about being a PhD in STEM (which stands for Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths). She is insanely smart and hard-working but she also knows how to relax and just following on Facebook her multiple research trips across England made me somewhat want to be like her. I just felt like I had a purpose in life, something to accomplish, I wanted, like her, to make the world a better place and to find something that would give me a goal to wake up every morning for.

I feel like if I had more women studying or working in STEM around me I would have been more inspired in pursuing a career in this kind of subjects. I think that it is important for children to have role models in various fields and topics as we tend to assume that boys are more into science while girls are more into humanities.

My final advice would be to always pursue something you love and never yield to peer pressure. At the end of the day, you are alone with yourself and you should always live a life that will make you happy and won’t let you regretful about your previous choices.

(English) International portrait #1

Hello everyone !

I hope that you are doing great. Today, I would like to introduce you to a new concept on this blog : “International portrait”. I will interview international students studying in my university and give you some insights into their everyday life in England. I don’t know if you would be interested in interviews of British students as well, please let me know in the comments !

Louise : Hi, first of all can you introduce yourself to the readers ?

Sruthi : Hi, my name is Sruthi Chilukoti. I was born in India but raised in the middle east for a majority of my life. I am a fresher studying Media and Cultural Studies with Sociology and Social Work.

L : Great ! Why did you choose to study in England ?

S : I grew up in a British school and lived in a British community which meant I was somewhat familiar with the British culture and wouldn’t feel too homesick. Plus, I liked the courses in British universities and how they were taught in comparison to everywhere else.

L : Are you enjoying Lancaster so far ?

S : I am loving Lancaster! I think theses a perfect place for me since I don’t enjoy cities. I love the fact that its so calm and small.

L : Yeah I agree with you, Lancaster is definitely far from Liverpool’s nights out but that’s what makes its charm ! What advice would you give to someone wanting to study in England ?

S : Be ready for the cold! I lived in the hottest parts of the world and so the winters are the worst. Get lots of winter wear.

L : I feel you, having to face a 3°C cold to go to a 9 am lecture is literally the worst. Anyway, have you encountered any difficulties so far as an international student in England ?

S : I certainly think things are slightly more expensive here. I also find it difficult trying to understand if certain things are cheaper or expensive here so I accidentally over spend sometimes. I am also getting used to the weather and getting around to places since I used to own a car back home.

L : Yeah, I guess that you can have a hard time figuring out what’s the real value of this new currency. What do you like the most about your new life ?

S : I really love it and I get to learn new things everyday and I get to meet new people everyday so I am always having fun!

L : Did you prepare yourself in any way?

S : I made sure I was involved in any group chats before coming here so I knew quite a lot of people before coming here. Plus, I researched about things available in the UK and how things work here so it wasn’t a drastic culture shock. I also talked to people who were from the UK so they explained how things worked here and told me little tips to get me through every day.

L : Thank you very much ! I hope that your experience will be useful to my readers.


Thank you very much for reading my first interview, I know that it’s a very new concept on this blog so if you see any way I could improve or if you have any questions you can just let me know in the comments !

(Français) Un mois

Salut à tous !

Vendredi 13 j’ai fêté mon premier mois en Angleterre et j’ai pensé que je devrais écrire un article pour parler de mon expérience jusqu’à présent.

Pour être honnête, tout va bien, je n’ai pas le mal du pays (pour l’instant), j’aime mes études et je m’entends bien avec mes colocataires. Je m’adapte lentement mais sûrement à ma nouvelle vie mais bizarrement je me sens plus Française que jamais. Avant je me sentais Bretonne avant même d’être Française mais maintenant j’ai l’impression de devoir faire la promotion de mon pays tout le temps. Le caissier de Spar connaît même mon nom parce que j’achète des baguettes et du fromage tout le temps.

Avant d’arriver en Angleterre, je ne pensais pas vivre un choc culturel vu que la France n’est pas un pays radicalement différent, contrairement à la Chine par exemple. J’avais complètement tort. Quelques choses m’ont en fait surprise, comme la convivialité des gens du Nord. J’ai toujours reçu de l’aide avant d’avoir le temps de demander et je sais que les gens ne m’ignoreront pas si je pose une question. J’ai aussi été choquée par la culture de l’alcool, je ne pensais pas que c’était humainement possible de boire autant et c’est vraiment quelque chose d’important ici. D’autre part, les gens ont l’air très ouverts d’esprit par rapport à la tenue vestimentaire. Je peux sortir avec une mini jupe et un soutien-gorge visible à travers un haut transparent et personne ne va présumer que je suis une prostituée alors qu’en France ce serait le cas. Le concept de vêtements “vulgaires” n’a pas l’air d’exister ici et je suis ravie que les gens comprennent que la valeur de quelqu’un n’est pas proportionnelle à la quantité de tissus qu’ils portent.

Mes proches me demandent souvent comment je gère le fait d’étudier à l’étranger à mon âge. Emménager dans un pays étranger peut être un peu effrayant, surtout quand tu viens d’avoir 18 ans et n’a jamais vécu seul. Pour être honnête, c’est terrifiant. Laisser sa culture, ses animaux, ses amis et sa famille pour un endroit que vous n’avez jamais vu c’est comme plonger dans l’inconnu. On commence à éprouver des peurs qu’on a probablement jamais éprouvées avant, plein de choses qu’on faisait au quotidien deviennent des sources de doutes et insécurités. Est-ce que je met le liquide dans la machine à laver comme il faut ? Est-ce que je serveur va comprendre mon accent atroce ? Est-ce que je peux faire ça sans passer pour une andouille ?

Même si je suis encore plutôt anxieuse dans ce pays je pense que c’est complètement normal, ça devrait s’améliorer avec le temps. Mais je vous en prie, si vous avez l’opportunité d’étudier à l’étranger saisissez la. J’ai l’impression de grandir et de devenir plus mature, j’ai aussi appris de nouvelles choses, par exemple le black jack, le poker, comment manger avec des baguettes mais aussi comment faire comme si je comprenais ce qu’on me dit (il faut hocher la tête en souriant et rire quand les autres le font).

J’ai encore beaucoup de choses à voir, sentir, faire et apprendre mais j’espère qu’un jour je m’intégrerais dans le pays dont je suis tombée amoureuse enfant et que j’adore toujours en tant qu’adulte.

(English) One month

Hey everyone !

Friday the 13th I celebrated my first month in England and I thought that I would make an article to talk about my experience so far.

To be honest, everything is alright, I’m not homesick yet, I enjoy my course and I get along well with my housemates. I am slowly settling in this new life but weirdly I feel more French than ever. I used to say that I was Bretonne before even being French but now I feel like I have to promote my country all the time. The cashier in Spar even knows  my name because I keep buying cheese and baguettes.

Before arriving in the England, I thought that I won’t experience culture shock of any sort as France is not a radically different country like China, as an example. I was terribly wrong. A few things actually surprised me, like the friendliness of people in the North. I have always been offered help before even asking and I know that people won’t pie me if I ask something. I have also been shocked by the drinking culture, I didn’t think that it was humanly possible to drink that much and it seems to be a very big deal here. Besides, people seem to be more open-minded towards clothing. I can go out and wear a mini skirt with a fancy bra showing through a translucent top and unlike in France, no one will assume that I am a prostitute. The concept of “vulgar” clothing doesn’t seem to exist here and I am glad that people understand that someone’s worth is not proportional to the amount of fabric they’re wearing.

My relatives often ask me how I cope with studying abroad at my age. Moving in a foreign country can be kind of daunting, especially when you just turned 18 and have never lived on your own. To be honest, it’s terrifying. Leaving your culture, pets, friends and family for a place you’ve never seen is like diving into the unknown. You start to experience many fears that you’ve probably never experienced before, many things you’re used to do on daily basis become source of insecurities and doubts. Am I putting the liquid properly in the washing machine ? Will the waiter understand my terrible accent ? Can I do this without being a jerk ?

Even though I still experience a lot of anxiety in this country I think that it is actually completely normal, it should get better with the time. But please, if you have the chance to study in a foreign country take it. I feel like I’m growing up and becoming more mature. I also learned a lot of new skills like how to play poker and black jack, how to use chopsticks but also how to act like I understand what people are saying (nod and smile, laugh when they do).

I still have a lot to see, feel, experience and learn but I hope that maybe someday I will fit in the country I fell in love with as a child and still adore as an adult.

(Français) Salut à tous !

C’est le premier article de mon tout nouveau blog et je me sens un peu nerveuse car je n’ai aucune idée de ce que je devrais dire pour vous captiver.
Je m’appelle Louise, j’ai dix-huit ans et en Octobre je commencerais à étudier la langue anglaise à l’université de Lancaster mais j’adorerais étudier la linguistique aussi.


Une des choses que vous devriez vraiment savoir avant de suivre mes aventures est ma nationalité. Je suis Française donc malheureusement vous allez probablement fondre face à mes erreurs basiques, surtout si l’anglais est votre langue maternelle. Mais croyez moi, je fais de mon mieux. Et si vous pensez qu’une de mes erreurs est impardonnable, commentez et corrigez moi, vous serez soulagé et je progresserai !
Ce blog sera en gros consacré à ma nouvelle vie en Grande Bretagne, à la vie étudiante en Angleterre, aux choses à faire à Lancaster, au Royaume-Uni post apocaly… Je veux dire post Brexit (même s’il n’est pas encore effectif). J’écrirais en anglais et en français pour aider mes camarades apprenant les langues étrangères.
Si vous lisez encore, bienvenue dans mon univers, attachez vos ceintures et soyez prêts à plonger dans mes blagues vaseuses, mon anglais pauvre grammaticalement et une propagande Bretonne intense !

(English) Major changes

Hi everyone,  I’m going to keep it short but this blog will know some drastic changes. As some of my friends and course mates suggested me, I’m going to post a French translation of all my articles. I’m not a professional interpreter so I’m not really a reference in this field but I’m gonna try my best to help my fellow foreign language learners. I’m in Lancaster right now and everything is fine, I will post an article about the culture shock in a few weeks and the French versions of my previous articles should arrive this week.

If you have any enquiry or topic you’d like me to write about don’t hesitate to comment down below !

(English) Anti homesickness playlist

As you may already know, I will move in England and leave behind me my friends, family, habits, culture and dog. Therefore, I’m very likely to suffer from homesickness but I won’t be able to take the first train to home. That’s why I have prepared a playlist, in order to get through tough times without sobbing uncontrollably during hours, begging for a baguette or selling my soul to Satan for a crêpe. This playlist contains thirteen songs, all in French or by French people but it definitely isn’t a gathering of the finest songs you can find in this language. I have selected them because they all mean something special to me.


Matmatah – Les moutons

As this band was created in my hometown, including them in my anti homesickness playlist was absolutely necessary. This song is inspired from traditional Breton music and always cheers me up !

Bigflo & Oli – Nous aussi

One of my favorite songs by these two rappers from Toulouse, I really like appreciate their well thought lyrics.

Indochine – L’Aventurier

A standard of French parties, the kind of song everyone knows by heart without really assuming, maybe because of the non-sense lyrics.

Les Groove Boys – Partenaire Particulier

This is actually a cover and not the original song. It is pretty special because it is performed by instruments used in “bagads”, traditional breton music groups. I really like the sound of these instruments even though a lot of people believe that it’s an “ear torture”.

Casseurs Flowteurs – Fais les backs

Another rap song, even though this is not my favorite one from them, this song always does its job and is less depressing than the others they have made.

Biga*Ranx – My face

I know. This song is not in French. I’m sorry, I’m neglecting all my duties, this is untolerable. But trust me, this artist is French and his reggae is so good (although seeing him live is definitely better).

Emile & images – Les démons de minuit

Another classic French partying song, if you’re invited to some fete you can’t go wrong with this one. Except if your intention is not hearing drunk french people howling the lyrics.

France Gall – Résiste

A work of art. And the title means “resist” which is actually what I will have to do to beat homesickness. Nothing else to say, just appreciate this masterpiece.

La Secte Phonétik – Bienvenue dans la secte

This one is by far less popular than the previous ones but this is truly a little well-written gem.

Petit Biscuit – Sunset Lover

I’m pretty sure than most of you have already heard this one, maybe on the radio or at the supermarket. Just as Kungs’ hit “This girl”, French electronic music tends to be exported beyond the borders. I really enjoy the nostalgic vibe of this song but there’s also a hint of hope !

Stupeflip – Stupeflip Vite !

Everyone who has ever had the privilege (or misfortune) of meeting me knows that I’m a huge Stupeflip fan. My favorite one from them is Gaëlle but I think that this song is more adapted to this context because it makes me want to scream the lyrics at the top of my lungs and this is actually a perfect way to deal with sadness.

Michel Berger – Le Paradis Blanc

Another masterpiece, Michel Berger is actually the one who wrote “Résiste”. This one reminds me of my childhood because my father used to put this in the car when we went for strolls.

Matmatah – Lambe An Dro

And last but not least, another Matmatah song ! Is there anything better than a song about a district of my hometown performed by a local bad to beat homesickness ? I don’t think so.

And you ? Do you have any songs to listen to when you feel sad ? Let me know in the comments !

(English) Hello everyone !

This is the first article of my brand new blog and I’m feeling kind of nervous because I have no idea of what I should say to keep you interested.

My name is Louise, I’m eighteen years old and in October I will start studying in the United Kingdom, More precisely, I will major in English Language at Lancaster University but I would love to study linguistics as well.


One of the things that you should definitely know before following my adventures is my nationality. I’m French so unfortunately you will probably melt in front of my basic errors, especially if you are a native English speaker. But trust me, I’m doing my best. And if you believe that one of my mistakes is unforgivable, just comment down below and correct me, you will be relieved and I will progress !

This blog will basically be about my new life in Great Britain, how student life is in England, what to do in Lancaster, how is the UK post apocaly… I mean post Brexit (even though the Brexit is not effective yet). I will write in English and French to help my fellow foreign languages learners.

If you’re still reading, welcome to my universe, fasten your seat belt and get ready to dive into bad puns, grammatically poor English and intense Breton culture propaganda !